Sunday, October 25, 2009

Castillo de San Marcos

This was taken midday...thats faiirly obvious. I had to crop and bring together with some adjustments. I've found that I lean toward square format or close to square format. Not sure why, perhaps related to the way i think...not sure. Some just look better that way, orderly.

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Homecoming 2009

These were taken at a nearby country club. We had actually had someone come by and complain that we were there. I could see complaining if we were in the way or disrupting in someway. However, we were no where near anyone and still had complaints. Keep in mind that half that a few of the kids live in the neighborhood where the country club resides and have a right to be there...with guests. It's funny how some people are...we were simply taking photos prior to our children going to the dance.

Anyway, enough complaining. These were really my first attempts at using flash in outdoor portraits.

My first post...

I created this blog for two reasons. The first is I want a place to share my images. The second is I'm using this as a reminder to get better with every post.

Will that happen...probably not on every post but it will allow me to compare good to bad and have input as well.

Lets see if it works...